Weekly Race Report 8/5/15

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Good morning folks! It’s been another great week at KRC and our Kinetik drivers once again laid down some impressive runs over the weekend! This time of year many people take vacations and are getting ready for the school year, so inevitably the racing slows down some, but the Kinetiks that were on the track got the job done!
Down at Dawgwood for the team race the Blackout team led by Jr Tippens showed the way! Jr won won heavy, Jared Pike won med and Peter Petropoulos took super heavy clinching the team win! Steve Campbell sat pole and came home second in super as well. This has been an incredible year for Jr and his customers on Kinetik, we would like to know the count on all the wins but we can’t keep up! great job to all the Kinetik guys at Dawgwood!
Short and sweet this week, with the only other Kinetik we have results on was Jacob Barham who managed a pole and 5th place finish in stock medium at 22A Speedway in Tenn. Great job on your second outing!
As we move along this year we begin preparing for the big races this fall and the 2016 kart! We will continue with the Genesis for 2016. With all the wins and overall success our decision was easy. We will have s few new things in 2016 on the kart to continue to improve our product. Keep up with us here for news, and we will begin taking pre orders for the 2016 karts soon! As always thanks to our racers and everyone that continues to believe in the vision and our products! Contact us today, and be a part of “The Winning Generation!”